An Idea for the Sustrans Cycle route.

posted by Neil Wallace - 5 Jun 2015, 3:55 p.m.

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  • Neil Wallace

This photograph shows refuse bins outside a property in Carrbridge. The keen eye will observe some elegant 30mph stickers.

I do not know who distributed these stickers, but they gave me an idea.

We live on a quiet, single track, country lane which is designated as national cycle route 7. Cyclists often are uncertain whether they are actually on the correct road, and motorists forget that they may encounter a cyclist at any time.

So I wonder whether a similar scheme could be used whereby stickers are distributed to homeowners such as ourselves and placed on the bins.

Something like this which appears to be on a lampost. cycle sticker on a lampost
Perhaps also adding "Motorists - please be aware of cyclists on this route".

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